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why another blog? February 28, 2008

Posted by Rob LeFebvre in blogmeta.
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I recently attended a conference in Florida. Now, coming from Alaska in February, you’d think I just picked it because of the location. Well, partly. But mainly I wanted to connect professionally with the people that do what I want to do at the job I’m at right now. I am a half-time Education Specialist (travelling to bush villages and providing program support to teams that serve students with significant disabilities) and a half-time Technology Specialist (I run the agency’s technology, website, and distance learning system).

One of the great things about the place that I work is the collaboration and cross-training that occurs across programs. For instance, I work in the Multiple Disabilities program, and have learned a ton of stuff from other specialists in other programs (like Hearing Impairments, Autism Impairments, etc.), as well as from those in my own program. There’s just lots of opportunities to learn from and teach each other.

However, in education technology, or distance learning, or networking systems, there’s just me. Our librarian, the former tech guru, is so busy wiht growing her own program that she has little if any time to focus on the technology areas I work in. The other specialist in the agency with similar techno-passion has left on a leave of absence to go get a PhD in Education Technology.

So, how do I create a sense of collaboration and continued learning in the technology areas I work in? That was the question I’ve been asking myself since returning from eLearning 2008, full of ideas and plans and hopes and dreams.

This blog is the beginning of that search. I hope it’s useful to others, but it’s mainly here to be useful for me. Be prepared for lots of ramblings about empowering people with technology, creating robust distance learning experiences, testing out and exploding current open source technologies, and other fancy stuff like that.