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Podcasting Explained Simply April 23, 2008

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learning styles and online education April 9, 2008

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As I plan more courses on our agency’s distance learning system, I find papers like this one to be very helpful in thinking through how to put it all together.

Designing online courses in the light of learning styles

A quote from the paper:

The need to offer distance learning courses has led to instructional designers rushing to deliver content through web-based systems and little or no thought has been given to the quality of this content. The application of technology in education seems to be ineffective if it purely mimics the traditional face-to-face classroom. This paper argues that the way forward lies in addressing different learning styles when developing learning objects. This belief is consistent with the view expressed by Garland and Martin (2005:1) that the learning style of all students must be considered when designing online courses.

Seems intuitive, right? But it’s nice to have a study to refer to when planning things, or even when trying to “sell” a particular idea to a non-technical person.