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A thought March 20, 2008

Posted by Rob LeFebvre in the vision thing.

Education Technology or Instructional Technology should take a few pointers from business. I was IMing KG yesterday, and we were talking about how far behind education is in the realm of tech.

Now, take this with a grain of salt. My parents are far behind. They still use an OS 9 iMac from way back. When I say far behind in this context, I mean that education takes a couple of tech generations to catch up.

For example, here’s what I told KG:

the education tech conference i went to, people are still just figuring that out
questions like, “how do i use the myspace to connect with my students”
when really, it’s not about myspace
it’s more about the conceptual social computing aspect and allowing more personalized freedom and educational experiences

Then she said, “you so need to blog that.” So I did.



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