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Productivity March 18, 2008

Posted by Rob LeFebvre in apps.

screenshot_things_big4.jpgSo, I’ve been aware of GTD for a while now (getting things done, by David Allen – adapted by a billion others on the web and in geek culture), but never really got into it. It seemed like such a monolithic system, that I’ve pretty much avoided it.

But now comes along “Things,” by CulturedCode. It’s an OS X based Task Management application that seems ot have lots of promise. It’s not MSFT Planner, nor some open source copy of that, with all the long lines and dates and such. It’s a to do list. With tags. And some GTD structure that you can use. Or not. It’s beautifully designed, and still in beta (or alpha, i forget which). I just put it up on my work machine and played with it for a day. i realize that I now want it on my home machine. I can manage my ENTIRE LIFE with this thing. Which is cool. Or not.

There are some plans to get it syncing with an iPhone, which would be MAJORLY cool. Only thing that isn’t ready yet is multiple-sync capabilities, but they say it’ll be up and running soon. If you use a Mac and your life is busy, work or personal, you’d do a good thing for yourself by checking out this piece of software.



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